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HirudoMed provides Medicinal leeches for clinical uses at the highest standard. Our professional team collects fully organic medicinal leeches from lakes and ponds, located in wilderness away from human settlements. HirudoMed carefully selects each leech, treats them in hygienic conditions and stores in starvation conditions for at least 3 months before shipment. After the process, they are ready for medical purposes.

Turkey has 80 percent of the world's Medicinal leech population. This is why "CITES" and "Turkish Ministry of Animal Affairs" implement quota only for Turkish distributors to protect the leech population. This is why we offer affordable prices for qualified products.

HirudoMed guarantees its customers that they are supplied with the leeches that had no previous contact with human blood.


Hirudotherapy is mainly used in trauma, plastic and reconstructive surgery to salvage tissue flaps and skin grafts whose viabilities are threatened by venous congestion. Physicians are discovering other conditions where the practice may have a role to play. These include: Herpes zoster (shingles), Boils and abscesses, Venous congestion, Ear infections, Sinusitis, Tonsillar abscess, Thrombosis (blood clot), Thrombophlebitis, Hypertension, Hyperthyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Cholecystitis, Orchitic.